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FACEMAGAZINE WORLD NEWS : Twinning between Jugrtha Table Land & The Algerian culural barn of “AHKAR”



The Ministry of Culturals Affaires Will organized this Event_Supported by the Ministry of the Tourism and Traditional Industries_Supervised by the “Elkef” Governor -In cooperation with the General Administration of Heritage ,headed by Mr Abelhamid Largech and Jugatha Organization of Magrebic Fusion,headed by MrMaokded Isaad. The Event takes place in the House of Culture “Kalet Snen ” It s started on12 July at 8 am and ‘will end on 15 July. The Event target it’s the rapprochement and cooperation between two sites. Let’s take a look at this two area: Fistable the barne. ” AhKAR”is the second natural -curl barne in the world. It’s specified by the life difficulties-old volcanic mountain- caves. _rocks and it’s diversity of environment stocks. It’s native population called “Twareg”. So it’s a rich culture.
This barn have a goo-strategical roles to played in the “AHKAR” Area,that’s in the stability of Algeria specially and the Magrebic Area generally.So it’s considering the Big Magrebic Door of Africa. Then let’s take an other look at Jugurtha Table Land witch had many features & it was so valuable because 21 centuries ago one of the big Arabi Magrebic Man was here to fight against the Romain colonized. So Jugurtha Table land was linked to no-stop resistance.
-The ALgerian Revolutionaries was protected here from the French army in did French army cannot catch them.The army oriented the war to fight innocent peoples in the weekly’s market”Sakiet Sidi Yousef”. This twinning walked up our elm in order to look after of a Religion and International challenges to the necessity of the Magrebic Union. In the rich program we find: -visit of Antiques and caves. -Performance of the Algerian Revolution Film-short film to introduce Jugartha Table Land and the “AHKAR” -Lecture in History and in Magrebic Economics. -Reading of the organization 4 Events recommendation. -Cultural Performances in Tunis at “Habib Bourguiba Avenue”. – Performance in Knights and Heritage sings from two countries. -Request to survive the Rail Ways in the old Train Station linked to Algeria.

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